Thursday 4-06-20 @ 19:30

ÖA: Dresdner Festspielorchester – Dresdner Musikfestspiele-Bolton CANCELLED COVID

Beethoven 2020 | Series ORIGINAL SOUND


This workshop concert aims to demonstrate the inspiring effect of nature upon creative processes. As an introduction to the concert the following evening, it explores the multi-faceted sound portraits of our surroundings, taking Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony as an example. This programme is the Dresden Music Festival’s contribution to the »Beethoven Pastoral Project« initiated by the Beethoven Anniversary Society and the UN Climate Change Secretariat, which invites artists from all over the world to explore the interrelations between mankind and nature, using Beethoven’s »Pastoral« as a model. What Beethoven’s Sixth has to say to us on this subject will be illuminated by the Dresden Festival Orchestra playing original instruments and Ivor Bolton in this moderated concert.

Dresden Festival Orchestra
Ivor Bolton – Conductor
Jan Vogler – Moderator