Mata Hari – Het National Ballet

Saturday 14-10-17 t/m Friday 3-11-17

Mata Hari – Het National Ballet

The turbulent life of the Dutch spy and dancer Mata Hari is the theme of this large-scale production. Choreographed by artistic director Ted Brandsen, it was premiered in the spring of 2016 to resounding success.


On 15 October 2017, it is exactly a hundred years ago that Margaretha Geertruida Zelle (Mata Hari’s real name) was executed as a spy. The story of the Dutch spy and dancer, which is known all over the world, now appeals to the imagination more than ever. The young girl from Friesland became an internationally celebrated dancer; a star who wound every man around her little finger and a strong, self-willed woman, who was later accused of treason.

The most intriguing thing about her life story is not the biographical facts, but rather her ability to keep transforming herself. At every change in her eventful life, she succeeded in reinventing herself: as dancer, diva, spy and mystery. She never gave up.

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