Lunch Concert, WTC Amsterdam Central Hall

Thursday 5-06-14

Lunch Concert, WTC Amsterdam Central Hall

Fantasticus - a violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord trio

“Sonnerie & Other Portraits”  – Musical paintings from the French Baroque

Unique to the French Baroque, eighteenth century composers populated their publications with musical portraits, commemorative pieces and pièces de hommage which flattered and celebrated their subjects, leaving deeper meanings to the imagination and discretion of the listener.
In this programme from their critically-acclaimed second album, Fantasticus present a palette of musical portraits from the French Baroque: the hypnotic bell-like fantasy, “Sonnerie” by Marais; intensely emotional musical tombstones; respect, humour and tenderness in the dedications from one composer to another.
Works by Marais, Rameau, Leclair, Duphly, Francoeur and Dornel.

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