1min Teaser Monumental Courtyard Concerts I – FB ‘Live’ streaming 31.05.2020

Facebook ‘Live’ streaming on May 31, 2020 (SD)

Amsterdam Monumental Courtyard Concerts I,II, III– Summer 2020
May 31, July 5, Aug 23

Musix For You presents on 3×3 mini-concerts (35min) that follow each other in 3 monumental courtyards in De Pijp, Amsterdam. Residents of approximately 450-490 apartments can attend the concert from their balconies. (within the Covid-19 regulations of the Dutch RIVM Health Authorities)

Julija Hartig violin, Örzse Adam viola, and Ansfried Plat cello.

In collaboration with Woningstichting Rochdale, reaching many Amsterdam residents within the social housing.
For the financial support Örzse Adam won a grant by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Balkonscènes.

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