Concert series

Concert Venues, Theaters

Programming professional concert series, festivals, special concerts.

Projects: Salon Classique in the Royal Concertgebouw, Holland Symfonia Culinary Chamber Music Series in Haarlem-Alkmaar-Horn, Foyer Concerts, Muziektheater Amsterdam,  Museumnight N8 in Harlemmermeer, 


Lunch concerts, “Start Relaxed The Day” breakfast concerts…. for companies

Projects: WTC Lunchconcerts in Amsterdam, 

Fine dining

Music meets fine dining. Collaboration music and culinary events in Horeca venues or special locations. Theme lunches and dinners, creative dining, special music and dining combinations such as renaissance dining, baroque diners, wine proofing.

Projects: Holland Symfonia Culinary Chamber Music Series in Haarlem-Alkmaar-Horn 

Private Venues

Concert presentations or series in private salons, social clubs, house-concerts.

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